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Odia Calendar 2022 September- Festival dates, Marriage dates, Holiday lists, Odia Panjika

Calendar is very necessary for knowing the Festival dates, Marriage dates (Bibaha Tithi), Brataghara dates, Public holidays and also the day associated with particular dates. As you know for performing anyone among the above, one should must have the particular date and also day. There is a solution for all these we have and also like to share with all of you the Odia Calendar 2022 September month for free. That means you can download and use the content without paying a single rupee to us.

If you want you can download and save the image to your device, otherwise you can follow below representation. We categorised in a best way for Festivals in September 2022 month, Marriage dates in September 2022 and the most important Public holidays in September 2022. I hope this will help you.


Odia Calendar 2022 September

The below image is for the Kohinoor Odia Calendar 2022 September Month. The quality is best with high resolution and for saving the image to your device just follow the image caption.

As always we also sharing the Kohinoor Press Calendar 2022 as we believe in its accuracy and popularity. Every Odia knows about this calendar and it's a door to door calendar in Odisha. So check it now and use it to save your time.

Odia Calendar 2022 September
To Download: long press>> download image

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Now just have a look towards below that will more clarify you about what is going to happening in September month. I think you will like it. 

Festivals in September 2022

Date Day - Festival

Sep 1 - Thursday - Nuakhai

Sep 3 - Saturday - Radhashtami

Sep 5 - Monday - Guru Divas

Sep 10 - Saturday - Indu Punei

Sep 17 - Saturday - Vishwakarma Puja

Sep 25 - Sunday - Mahalaya

Marriage Dates in September 2022

There are no marriage dates in September 2022 in accordance of hindu calendar, even there are no restrictions for court marriage. 

It will be better to ask an astrologer for Subha Day / Dates. 

Holiday Lists of September 2022

Date Day - Festival

Sep 1 - Thursday - Nuakhai

Odia Calendar 2022 for All Months

In this post we just shared only about the upcoming September month, but if you want to keep the complete compilation for the whole year then follow below link. This is Kohinoor Calendar 2022 for All Months. For HD pdf visit the linked page below. 

Also See- Odia Calendar 2022 for all months


I hope all the informations in this article for Odia Calendar 2022 September will be helpful for you. We collected all these informations from some famous Odia  Calendars 2022, and you can rely on these informations. But it will be better to ask an astrologer before proceeding.

If you found this article helpful and informative, then do share with others. Thanks!


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