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How To Register & Upload A Video Singing The National Anthem! at

How To Register & Upload Video on Rashtragaan

To celebrate this Independence Day 2021, Indian government has initiated a unique and highly appreciated way.

Here is the complete details, check it.

Let's celebrate the 75 years of India's Independence by singing "Jana Gana Mana" Rashtragaan togetherly at

A free web portal created for Indians where anyone can record and upload their own videos singing the national anthem. A compilation of the uploaded videos of the National Anthem will be shown live on 15th August, 2021.

Get a chance to feature in a new song by one of India’s leading lyricist and composer. Selected top 100 videos for the song will be launched on TV, Radio, YouTube and Social Media platforms.

It's not an individual work, it's the nation's pride. Now stand with the country and be a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahostav.

How To Register & Upload Video

It's very easy. You need to follow the below steps one by one for singing and uploading your video.

  • Open browser and search for Rashtragaan or Go through this link .
  • Click on “Proceed” button.
  • Enter Your Name, Age Group and the Country name from where the video is being recorded /uploaded.
  • Then click on “Let’s Sing”.
  • Align your face to the screen (At this stage the portal may ask for permission to record audio and video from the device being used, allow them).
  • Once the face is aligned, Press on “Record”.
  • After a countdown from 3 the national anthem music will start playing with showing the song lyrics on the screen.
  • Once the video has been recorded, there will be an option to listen to your recording before uploading or simply click on restart to record again.
  • If you are satisfied with the play back of the recording, Press upload to enable the portal to save your video.
  • After this you can download the certificate from the website.

Important Notice- You must to stand while singing the National Anthem. Record your video heartily, not for publicity or certificate.

Final Verdict

I hope you have now cleared about all the steps needed for being a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahostav. And may be got solution for How To Register & Upload A Video Singing The National Anthem! at .

I request you to move forward and stand with the nation's grand celebration.

Share this article with everybody and tell them to be a part of this Independence day 2021 celebration.


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