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Cyclone Yaas: Important Mobile Message Alert From Odisha Govt.

Very severe cyclonic storm Yaas is going to hit Odisha tomorrow. Today coastal districts are facing heavy rainfall and wind speed is approximately 110 km per hour.

Expected landfall time is 8-9 AM (morning) on Wednesday, 26th May. IMD reports that Cyclone Yaas turned into a very severe cyclonic storm.

After landfall the wind speed will be 155- 165 km per hour and 185 km/h gusting speed. There will be heavy to more heavy rainfall in coastal districts.

Check Here Complete details about Cyclone Yaas.

State Government is fully prepared to manage the situation and rescue teams are all set. 4000 volunteers are transferring people to typhoon centers and taking care of them without violating Covid rules.

In such situation, govt is trying to reach everyone through smart phones. A simple safety message has send to all from SRC Pradeep Jena.

Here is the message. Read it :)

Cyclone Yaas safety message

Through this message, He convinced people for not to do common mistakes during cyclone. Common mistakes like collecting mango, coconuts during cyclone or wondering outside without any reason (only to see how is the cyclone 😀). Safety message for leaving thatched house. Also advised to go into typhoon centers or safe buildings.

ବାତ୍ୟା ସମୟରେ ଆମ୍ବ, ନଡିଆ ଗୋଟାଇବା, ପାଣି ଆଣିବା ବା ବୁଲିବା ପାଇଁ ବାହାରକୁ ବାହାରନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । କଚାଘରେ ନ ରହି ପକ୍କାଘର ବା ଆଶ୍ରୟସ୍ଥଳକୁ ଯାଆନ୍ତୁ- SRC

This message shows the full activeness of Odisha Govt. and steps towards your safety. You should follow all guidelines and help Odisha for Zero Casualty.


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